Digital Citizenship Development via the Elderly Learning Communities Innovation for Health Foods Wisdom Transmission


       When considering the statistics on the increasing rate of the elderly population, it is evident that the population of elderly individuals aged 60 and above is rapidly growing. According to the 2021 report on the trend of aging society by the Thai Research and Development Institute for the Elderly, Thailand’s total population is 66.7 million people, with 12.5 million being elderly individuals, accounting for 19 percent of the total population. The significant challenge is that Thailand’s population is aging rapidly, and as of 2022, the country has entered a phase of a “complete elderly society.” Over the next 20 years, the overall population of Thailand is projected to grow at a slower pace, with the elderly population aged 60 and above increasing by an average of 4 percent per year. Moreover, a survey on internet usage behavior in Thailand has revealed that the elderly population has been increasingly using the internet, showing a higher propensity for risky behavior, particularly in online transactions, compared to other generations.

        Furthermore, it has been found that the Baby Boomer generation causes concern over data privacy and security the most. Considering the findings of the survey, it is necessary to prioritize the development of digital citizenship skills among the elderly population as a foundation for economic, societal, and lifestyle development towards sustainable development of the country. This is in line with the National Scheme of Education B.E. 2560-2579 (2017-2036), Strategy 3: The proficiency development for people of all ages and the promotion of a lifelong learning society. The objective is to ensure that the elderly receive continuous skill development, knowledge, and work capabilities, enabling them to be self-reliant and play a role in knowledge transfer and cultural preservation for community, society and country development. In fact, they should be able to adapt to changes, become a driving force for social development, support the creation of a learning society, and promote lifelong learning factors. According to the research report on media for the elderly in Thailand, which examines the current situation, expectations, future trends, and proactive strategic approaches, it is evident that the content most favored and found interesting by the elderly is ranked as follows: the top-ranked category is health and well-being, with a focus on maintaining good health.”

          From the aforementioned study report and the National Policy, Assistant Professor Acting.Sub Lt. Dr.Uthit Bamroongcheep, Dr. Phakwipat Poesri from the Faculty of Education, Burapha University, and Mr. Mongkol Youngtanurat, a researcher from Yala Rajabhat University, collaborated on researching and developing the platform “We Enjoy Digital.” This project is a result of the research initiative “Developing Digital Citizenship through Community Learning Innovations for the Elderly to Preserve the Wisdom of Healthy Food.” It received funding from the Technology Development Fund for Education, Ministry of Education, to promote digital citizenship skills among the elderly through community learning innovations. This was achieved by disseminating storytelling videos on the wisdom of healthy food to the network of senior citizen schools nationwide.


  1. The process of preserving the wisdom of healthy food among the elderly through the community learning platform “We Enjoy Digital” was successful.
  2. Elderly digital citizenship including respect for oneself and others (respect), knowledge (educate), and protection of privacy and security (protect), improved.
  3. The digital platform is user-friendly and consists of accessible learning resources, including articles, digital citizenship skills, a community of health enthusiasts, a marketplace for nutritious food, and a video archive of elderly storytelling from the learning community. The platform can be accessed through the mobile application “We Enjoy Digital” and the website Also, all news and activities can be followed by downloading the free application on both Android and iOS systems.

Positive Impacts on the Community:

  1. The elderly has access to a learning community innovation platform for sharing and disseminating stories about the wisdom of healthy food. The testing phase included 70 videos of storytelling from various regions across the country.
  2. 80% of participating elderly individuals demonstrated digital citizenship skills.
  3. The videos received a total of 15,000 views, showcasing the strong enthusiasm of the elderly who already incorporated health-conscious cooking videos into their daily routines. They highly appreciate the mentioned digital platform.
  4. Primary educational institutions have utilized the storytelling videos on food wisdom as teaching materials and case studies.

Project Team:

  • Assistant Professor Acting.Sub Lt. Dr.Uthit Bamroongcheep (Project Leader)
  • Dr. Phakwipa Poesri and Mr. Mongkol Youngtanurat (Researchers)