Capacity development on content and material development for the Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Education Programme in Lao PDR

            Capacity Development Support for Teacher Education in Lao PDR Project represents the primary mission of UNESCO Bangkok, which has sought collaboration from the Faculty of Education at Burapha University to enhance the capacities of educational personnel and institutions for teachers and teacher trainers, spanning from early childhood to secondary education levels in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic. In the year 2012, the Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Education (B.Ed. in ECE) program was developed and successfully established through this collaboration. Subsequently, the program underwent implementation across various teacher colleges in Laos, culminating in its initial curriculum evaluation in 2017, followed by a subsequent review cycle. As a result, UNESCO Bangkok intends to conduct a tracer study of graduates from this curriculum, with faculty members from the Faculty of Education being responsible for developing the research capabilities associated with this study.

    This project aimed:
1.To enhance the capacities of teacher educators in effectively conducting graduate tracer studies to evaluate the impact of their Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Education (B.Ed. in ECE) programme, and
2.To provide technical guidance to teacher educators in seven teacher training colleges throughout the process of their tracer studies of graduates of the B.Ed. in ECE programmes.

     The implementation of this project has contributed to the development of capabilities among faculty members from the seven teacher colleges in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic on June 2021 – October 2022. These colleges include Ban Keun Teacher College, Dong Kam Chang Teacher College, Luang Prabang Teacher College, Namtha Teacher College, Pakse Teacher College, Salavan Teacher College, and Sawannaket Teacher College. Through this project, these faculty members have gained the ability to conduct tracer studies, from the initial research process to the publication of research articles in academic journals. Additionally, comprehensive research reports from all seven teacher colleges have been disseminated on UNESCO’s website to reach a global audience.

    The outcomes of this project have not only empowered faculty members from these seven colleges to conduct tracer studies, but have also provided valuable data to enhance and improve the early childhood education graduate curriculum of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic. This effort aims to ensure quality education that aligns with societal needs and policies, ultimately contributing to the ongoing development of education in the country. This initiative serves as a significant contribution to promoting education within the context of the country’s developmental progress, aiming for higher educational capabilities.

Project leader: Asst.Prof. Sirawan Jaradrawiwat, Faculty of Education